Fuelled by the passion of a local entrepreneur who has more than 30 years of business experience in retail industry, DealSPOT Philippines was established in 2010 under the aegis of a parent company who is one of the biggest suppliers of imported groceries in the Philippines. The name "DealSPOT" was used to reflect our slogan which is "We spot the finest deals for you".

The business idea of DealSPOT is to offer people the finest deals and at the same time to provide our customers the best online shopping experiences with the best quality of services. Creating the best deal for our customers is our ambition. Acknowledgement, continued patronage and support from our satisfied customers are our best rewards.

DealSPOT Philippines currently has more than 1.5 million registered users in its data base. With 3 digits increase of newly registered customers daily, it is projected to reach 2 million registered users by the end of year 2014.

Since we offer a variety of products in our website, therefore no matter who you are and how old you are, you can always find your ideal products in our website. If you cannot find your ideal products in our website, let us know and we will do our best to find it for you. Our ultimate goal is to ensure each of our customers can find their needs in our website. In order to reach this goal, we will continuously be on the look-out for the finest products that we deem will appeal to our buyers, improve our bargaining power, and enhance our services.

DealSPOT Philippines is not only committed to protect its customers but also value its merchants. A win-win situation for both our customer and merchant is what we are always aiming for. That is why in order for our merchants to keep track on their sales and manage the shipments, we provide them a management interface which will allow them to upload and manage their products easier. We also provide sales advice and tips to our merchants in order to help improve their sales. By doing so, our customers can enjoy the best prices and services at the same time our merchants can increase their sales. Our internal screening and selection process will ensure us to make deals only with those merchants who transact business in good faith. Those merchants who are only there to take advantage of our customers will be totally eliminated from our business.

DealSPOT Philippines wants to guarantee we are giving our members outstanding service, as well as fabulous deals. And that means the best customer support team in the business to help out when there are questions or the occasional problem arises. Because here at DealSPOT Philippines, we deliver on our promises. From the time you purchase the deal, to the time you go through the life enhancing experience that it offers, we are with you all throughout.

DealSPOT Philippines is not only an ordinary retailer online shopping site, nor a simple daily website attaching to a single warehouse, it is also a deal outlet, which allows good sellers to plug in daily and weekly deals serving a large number of bargain hunters in the social network.

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