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Before purchasing items, please make sure that you already have a buyer type account for us to have a convenient transaction. You may achieve this by choosing sign up on the right side of the menu. To assuage your curiosity on how we use your informations, you may check out our Privacy Policy.

Selecting Items

We guarantee that every item in dealspot were discounted. These items were categorized according to their type. While searching, you may filter and sort these to easily find your desired items. Moreover, you may also search items with keywords or the exact product name.

Shopping Cart

After selecting an item, supply the requested information before adding the item to cart. Please note that you are no allowed to combine your items with delivery method COD to other items with different delivery methods. If this ever happened, you will be asked to separate those items in different cart/transactions

My Favorites

Moreover, you cannot change the item details in your shopping cart except for its quantity. In this case, you might want to add items to your favorite allowing you to view it and then add it again to your shopping cart.

Managing Cart Items and Favorites

Dealspot provides you an interactive shopping cart where you can manipulate item quantities, remove items, or even empty your shopping cart.

You can also save and delete items to your favorites as many as you want. Items from your favorites will not be removed even if it's not yet available for you to add it to your cart when it became available.

Purchasing Items

After adding desired items to your shopping cart, review the summary on the right side of the shopping cart. If you have a dealspot coupon code, you can avail it by choosing Apply Coupon. Supply information for your payment details below the summary. You can also modify the delivery address of your items if you intend to give it to someone or if you're out of town. Agree with dealspot's buying terms of use and then choose checkout to proceed with payment. Instructions will follow afterwards.

NOTE: You can find your purchased items under your account tabs located at the right side of the menu.

Complying to Security Check

After paying your purchased items, you will be asked to upload file/s and/or complete forms regarding your payment on your purchases page. Our Admin Department will then check your submitted information. You will notice that your purchase status will change depending on the delivery type of the item.

NOTE: Items with delivery method COD will not go through dealspot's security check

Tracking Delivery

View the delivery information of your purchased items by choosing Tracking Info on your My Purchases page. Please note that the delivery might take from 2 to 3 working days within Metro Manila and from 5 to 7 days Nationwide.

Pick Up Type Transactions

After complying with our security check, you may now generate voucher/s to avail your purchased products or services by presenting these vouchers to the pick up location or to the branch where you intended to avail the service.

Cancelling and Refunding Purchase

You may choose to cancel or refund your purchased item on your My Purchases page. Read more about replacements and refunds from our Terms and Conditions

You can always view your previous transactions and purchase details on your My Purchases page.

If you still have other questions regarding your transactions or any other matter pertaining to it, you may check out the Frequently Asked Questions. But if you can't still find the appropriate question and answer there, feel free to contact us by clicking at THIS link. We take pleasure in answering your questions so as to make your shopping a complete and worry-free experience.

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We at DealSpot.PH believes in the value of honest to goodness business. After all, business is not just about making money. For us, it's about honesty, integrity and, most of all, it's about doing what feels good and fun for everyone.

Everything you see at DealSpot is a product of months of preparations and hard work, fueled with passion for business, built on foundations of friendship and commitment to bringing only the best of what our customers deserve. A proof is our high percentage of repeat orders, stable increase in referrals and positive community feedback.

If your business share the same principles as DealSpot have then we invite you to come along and join us in bringing your business closer to people, not just them as paying customers, but to new friends and partners ready to gear your business into new heights of success.

Merchant Registration

Sign Up and select Merchant tab on user registration page. In order for you to successful create a merchant's account, just fill up the required fields on the registration and upload your credentials below the form. After your email verification, our admin department will validate your uploaded credentials before you can fully access your account. Read more about this type of account on our Terms our Terms and Conditions under Section 3.

Product Launch

After successful registration, you may now create products and services deals that you wish to offer on the site. Click on to your account panel on the right side of the menu and choose Item Launch. Select the desired item type according to the availability of your item.

OGS (On-Going-Sale) Item Type. This type of items can be launched immediately and can be delivered immediately after purchase. It can be seen on site for a month long or more after approval.

CAMPAIGN Item Type. Choose this type if the item can be redeemed on a set date after the deal ended. Unlike 'OGS', the selling period of this item can be 7 to 14 days only. It is suitable for services with reservations.

After saving items, our Copywriter will review the items' details you have provided including descriptions and the uploaded images, prior to posting. For better image display, we recommend you to upload images with the same sides or as much as possible, an image with a dimension of 300 x 300 pixels. Note that you can always view your items on your Item Management page.

Item Management

Edit your previously created items on your Item Management Page. To help you find your items that you wanted to view or edit, you may try the following tools:

Item Status Filters. View your items according to their status by choosing a filter at the bottom of the page title.

Item Sort. You can also sort out your items according to their Launched Date or Latest Update.

Item Search. If you're trying to find a specific product, search it by its keyword, Product ID or by its exact product name.

Note: You can view the change of status of your items from the Item History located at the right panel.

You may preview an item by clicking on the item image. The following will be your possible actions to your items according their status:

View. Display your image in another page with the same view as a buyer.

Edit. Edit some of your item details. If you have change a detail from an active item, its status will then turn to pending. If you have to change a critical information from an item, please contact dealspot to assist you.

Cancel. Cancels the deal even if it's still active.

Relaunch. Request relaunch for the ended deal by supplying required information asked. Our copywriter will then again review the item details for approval.

Sales Management

You may track your sales, view your most sold products and/or services and view your total monthly sales in your Sales Management Page.


What is a DealSpot merchant?
At DealSPOT Philippines we offer five types of delivery methods: Free Delivery, Delivery with Charge, DealSPOT Delivery, Pick Up and Cash on Delivery. The delivery methods vary among featured products. You may see the available delivery methods by clicking "Select Delivery Method" under the page of your chosen product before adding it to your shopping cart.

I won't be able to use my voucher, can I ask for a refund?
Refunds are welcome at Dealspot.PH provided the reason for the said refund is acceptable and verifiable. Ordinary refunds such as failed to comply the security check, system error and out of stock are processed automatically. For other kind of refund request, please contact us directly.

I already paid but why is my purchase still marked verifying?
All payments are subject for review and approval of the Sales Department. After the verification process the order is marked as Paid and we will prepare the products and/or services for delivery and/or redemption. Status can be traced by buyer under "My purchases".

I've been trying to call you for hours but nobody's answering the phones. Why is that?
Like most humans Dealspot.PH staffs sleep during night time. It's best to call from 9AM to 6PM during the weekdays and from 9AM to 4PM on Saturdays. Don't call on Sundays either. Our staffs are compulsive deal buyers like you that they are always out of town working on their tan or just dining and chilling during their rest days. Sending us E-mail is an alternative way to reach us. We will try our best to reply as soon as possible.

I have a business. How do I become a group buying partner?
If you have a business and you want to advertise or post your products and/or services on our site you have to register as our merchant first by clicking "Site Navigation". For details and procedures please refer to the instruction for merchant registration below this page.

I have concerns other than listed here. Who should I ask?
You can reach us by clicking "Contact Us" in our homepage.


Types of Delivery

At DealSPOT Philippines we offer five types of delivery methods: Free Delivery, Delivery with Charge, DealSPOT Delivery, Pick Up and Cash on Delivery. The delivery methods vary among featured products. You may see the available delivery methods by clicking "Select Delivery Method" under the page of your chosen product before adding it to your shopping cart.

Free Delivery: Product will be delivered to you free of delivery charges. We offer either free delivery within metro Manila or free delivery nationwide which you should indicate before you check out.

Delivery with Charge: There will be a corresponding delivery charge added to your product price before you check out. The delivery charge varies depending on the product weight and size, destination and courier. We offer either Metro Manila or Nationwide delivery with corresponding charges which you should indicate prior to adding your chosen product to your cart.

DealSPOT Delivery: DealSPOT will handle the delivery of the product by using our courier partner. In the interim, there will be a fixed delivery charge of Php50 for Metro Manila and Php100 for Nationwide.

Pick Up: After the payment has been successfully made, there will be a coupon available under "Your Account" of which you may generate and print out for redemption purposes. The product name, amount, pick-up address and coupon code are indicated on this coupon. Bring this coupon together with a valid ID to the pick-up address indicated to receive the corresponding product or services.

Cash on Delivery (COD): We offer COD for those products that need special care on delivery, such as chocolates and perishable goods. No preceding payment needed when you make a purchase. We will collect the money in cash from you by the time we deliver the products, to you.

Shipping Time

On Going Sales: We usually process the shipment within 2 days after your payment has been received. You may check the status and details of this under "My Purchases". Once we have processed the shipment, the status will change to "Shipped" and the tracking numbers and details will now be available for you.

Campaign Sales: These products have redemption periods which are indicated under the "Coupon Instructions" on product page. We will process the shipments from the start of redemption periods ONLY. If it is a service or a product with a coupon, you can ONLY use it within the redemption period stated therein.

Metro Manila Delivery: Usually takes 2-3 working days from the date shipment has been made.

Nationwide Delivery: Delivery outside Metro Manila usually takes 5-7 working days from the date shipment has been made.

Preferred Delivery Date

"Preferred Delivery Date" is a feature of DealSPOT to arrange shipments based on the buyer's expected date of receiving his/her products. Due to various factors involving in the delivery process, DealSPOT will do their best and try to meet the buyer's preferred delivery date. But due to the complexity and capacity of processing the delivery, and other factors which may affect the delivery process, Dealspot CANNOT guarantee to our buyers that they will receive their products on their preferred delivery date.

Damage Liability due to Delivery

Buyers have the responsibility to check the condition of the product when they received it before confirming the delivery. In case of damaged product, please contact DealSPOT as soon as possible. We will do our best to help our buyers address the issue with the particular courier who made the delivery in order to minimize our buyer's lost. But DealSPOT is not liable for any damages that may occur during delivery.

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