CGC 9.4 (Signature Series X 5) Detective Comics #482

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CGC 9.4 (Signature Series X 5) Detective Comics #482
CGC 9.4 (Signature Series X 5) Detective Comics #482

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This “dollar comic” includes five stories featuring five Bat-stars. The main story (Night of the Body Snatcher) has Batman taking on a giant, white gorilla whose mind is controlled by the evil millionaire, Xavier Simon. Batman must quickly find a way to prevent Simon from transferring his own mind into the Caped Crusader’s body. Others stories feature Batgirl (A Quick Death in China) wherein Wo Fong mistakenly thinks Barbara Gordon's friend, Leslie, is really Batgirl and tries to make her reveal super-heroic secrets.


Meanwhile, the real Batgirl and her brother Tony Gordon team together to combat Wo Fong and his Sino-Supermen. Bat-Mite shows up at the DC offices and demands his own feature (Bat-Mite's New York Adventure).


After seeing Robin handle two of his costumed operatives, the head of MAZE orders the teen wonder to be brought to him dead (The League of Crime), and Etrigan, the Demon is featured in The Eternity Book wherein Baron Tyme's servant kills the keeper of the Eternity Book, spurring Jason Blood to become the Demon and attempt the book's recovery.


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This issue includes comics world legends like Jim Starlin, Len Wein, and Bob Rozakis for their stories, with artwork by Don Heck, Michael Golden, Dick Giordano, Juan Ortiz and Jim Starlin. 



  • Valid for one (1) Detective Comics #482.
  • Signed by various legends:
    • P. Craig Russel, 1st Page 9/21/12
      • Philip Craig Russell, also known as P. Craig Russell, is an American comic book writer, artist, and illustrator. His work has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards
    • Jim Starlin and Joe Staton 9/6/14
      • Jim Starlin is an American comic book writer and artist. With a career dating back to the early 1970s, he is best known for "cosmic" tales and space opera; for revamping the Marvel Comics characters Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock; and for creating or co-creating the Marvel characters Thanos, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu.
      • Joe Staton is an American illustrator and writer of comic books and whose work has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards
    • Bob Layton and Michael Golden 7/11/15
      • Bob Layton is an American comic book artist, writer, and editor, notable for his work on Marvel Comics titles such as Iron Man and Hercules, and for co-founding Valiant Comics with Jim Shooter
      • Michael Golden is an American comic book artist and writer best known for his late-1970s work on Marvel Comics' The Micronauts, as well as his co-creation of the characters Rogue and Bucky O'Hare
  • Starring the Batman Family whose members are featured in 5 all-new stories:
    • Night of the Body Snatcher featuring Batman
    • A Quick Death in China with Batgirl
    • The Eternity Book with Etrigan, the Demon
    • Bat-Mite's New York Adventure with Bat-Mite
    • The League of Crime starring Robin
  • Featuring Starlin, Rozakis and Wein Stories with Jim Starlin, Michael Golden, Juan Ortiz, P. Craig Russel and Don Heck Art. Dick Giordano for the cover.
  • CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) Graded: 9.4
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    • Series Name: Detective Comics
    • Issue Number: #482
    • Volume: 1
    • Publication Date: February-March 1979
    • Publication Year: 1979
    • Language: English
    • Genre: Superhero
    • Characters: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Etrigan the Demon, Bat-Mite
    • Publisher: DC
    • Publisher Country: United States
    • Cover Price: 1.00 USD
    • Production Team:
      • Inks: Dick Giordano
      • Pencils: Rich Buckler
    • Number of Pages: 68
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